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Whether from the Plaintiff's or Defendant's point of view, litigation focusing on injuries sustained by people using elevator and escalator equipment frequently requires the services of an elevator / escalator expert to survey the accident equipment, perform operating and condition assessments, inspect for Code compliance, determine the failure modes that contributed to the loss, and testify in court. EECG performs these tasks with a clear understanding of the background legal issues involved such as dangerous condition, common carrier liability, negligence, and design immunity. We have worked closely with attorneys over many years to prepare cases going to court and appear as an expert witness, offering accurate, well researched and thorough reports and opinions. 

          Condition Assessment - Post Accident Inspection

Gerald R. Clark

Elevator escalator consultant - highlights

  • 50 years - management, engineering, and field experience in the installation, maintenance, modernization, and repair of vertical transportation equipment.
  • C-11 California State Licensee - Elevator and Escalator Installation Contractor.
  • 17 years Superintendent of Elevator / Escalator Maintenance / Modernization / Construction - San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART).
  • Creator / Director of pioneering in-house elevator / escalator mechanic training program (2 year course) for the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART).
  • Expert Witness – Reports / Depositions / Case Preparation / Accident Investigation / Expert Witness testimony in Superior Court or Federal trials as needed, litigating major injury accidents on escalator and elevator equipment. Both State and Federal jurisdictions.
  • Expert Services for both Defendants and Plaintiffs.
  • Special Insurance Consultant reviewing and advising on over 400 insurance claims made pursuant to accidents and injuries on escalator and elevator equipment.
  • Member APTA Technical Committee, Vertical Transportation, American Public Transportation Association, Washington DC.

Escalator Elevator Consulting Group